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As one of the first intimacy professionals in Japan, I am looking forward to building a community of consent-forward artists and collaborating on building the language and protocols around this work together from a wider lens. I also work internationally, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you are looking for an intimacy professional for your project!


Specialty: Cultural Competency, Conscious Dramaturgy

Available for: straight plays, musicals, devised theatre, video content, and commercials.

Happy to talk possible options and quotes based on different budgets. 

What is intimacy direction?

Intimacy direction is a human-first approach to creating intimacy scenes for live performance.
Intimacy can include familial, romantic, platonic, and violent intimacy. I believe intimacy is an important and vulnerable part of the human experience that captivates both audiences and storytellers. These moments can include but are not limited to: acts of a hug, kiss, physical contact, nudity, simulated sex, hyper-exposed work, etc.

I first learned about intimacy directors when I created the most awkward rehearsal atmosphere when directing a kiss scene. ("Ah, there's someone that can help with this!")

Intimacy directors can help make these scenes feel safe and fun, even make artistically brave choices when done with the right tools! As of August 2023, I am currently in Level 4 Certification after successfully passing Level 3 of the Certification program at IDC Professionals, NYC.



Please contact me if you are interested in workshops on consent forward practices and intimacy direction.

I am happy to create workshops and talks tailored to the group! Would love to collaborate to see what best serves your team.


  • Consent Forward Workshop – Yokohama Theatre Group, TBD

  • What is Intimacy Direction? Discussion -- Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo, scheduled late October

My Training (but many of the best lessons have come from my experiences and reflections!)


  • Intimacy Direction, Level 3 (Certification Program) – Intimacy Directors & Coordinators, 2023

  • Trauma-Informed Care for Intimacy Coordinators – Intimacy Professionals Association, 2023

  • BDSM Impact Play – The Taillor Group, 2023

  • Intimacy and Disability Workshop – National Society of Intimacy Professionals

  • Lean Forward: Intimacy Choreography Analysis – Intimacy Directors & Coordinators, 2023

  • Foundations of Intimacy, Level 1 – Intimacy Directors & Coordinators, 2022

  • Foundations of Intimacy, Level 2 – Intimacy Directors & Coordinators, 2022

Anti-Racism, EDI

  • Inclusive Images for Social Sector Communications -- The Communications Network, 2023

  • Stopping Anti-Asian Racism in its Tracks: Acting for Justice and Empowerment – Jiwon Chung, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, 2021


  • Bystander Intervention for Youth: How to Show Up for Others -- Right To Be, 2023

  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution -- Japan Management Association, 2021

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